Fundraising Guide

Each participant will need to fundraise $123 to enter the event! Take a look at all the different ways you can fundraise for Dance Marathon. Whether you ask friends and family to support you, showcase your passion for social media, participate in canning, or volunteer your time for donations, there are many ways to fundraise! There are so many ways fundraise for DM at SDSU, and we would love for you to read below about all the options out there!


Reaching Out

Letters and Emails

  • Why? - Adds a personal touch to your fundraising request

  • Tips for a better response - Personalize your message and tell the story that brought you into this organization. Follow up! Be persistent! You care about this cause and that devotion will shine forth through your efforts.

  • A great way to say thanks for becoming part of the DM family! 


Email Campaign

Another way to raise money is to send emails out to your contact list. Donor Drive has email templates available you can use, or you can contact Tess, the Director of Fundraising Outreach!

Fundraising Tips

  1. Connect your Donor Drive to Facebook

  2. Have a bake sale

  3. Reach out to friends and family over the holiday season

  4. Make a post about your WHY so people know where they are donating

  5. Find a DM friend and work on a fundraiser together

  6. Maybe like a food challenge

  7. Skip out on coffee one day and donate $5 to yourself

  8. Ask 10 friends to donate $2

  9. Offer to tutor a friend for a donation

  10. Be a personal uber and have people donate to your drive

  11. Remember:

  12. Not everyone will say yes, but enough people will!

  13. Every dollar counts!! The small amounts add up

  14. You are all going to absolutely kill it!


Save the 15 for 15 fundraising template to collect 15 donations that add up to $120!

Share it on your social media, or send it to friends and ask them to help you check one of the 15 boxes off in honor of the 15 hours of Dance Marathon!

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