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Miracle Week 2022!

Each year, Dance Marathon at San Diego State University strives to soar to new heights when it comes to fundraising for the kids at Rady Children's Hospital. Part of this effort is our annual Miracle Week. Since 2016, Miracle week has prospered into a week dedicated to inspiring, educating, and growing our movement of one generation fighting for the next. A week of hope, a week of growth, and a week of making more miralces for the kids that can't wait.

The week started with education day where potential participants learned about what it means to be in Dance Marathon and where the money we fundraise actually goes. For example, 27% of the funds Dance Marathon

at San Diego State University raises goes towards patient services; such as visits that could otherwise not be afforded, child life services, and different therapies to help improve quality of life and mental health of patients and their families. Tuesday followed with registration day where we expanded the Dance Marathon family to a total of over 700 miracle makers. Insipiration day came next where we encouraged participants to consider their "why," the driving force that helps them fihgt for the kids each and everyday. The night concluded with our annual Light of Hope ceremony where we honored Olivia, one of our Dance Marathon angels, and hoped for strength and courage within our community. Once the clock struck midnight, fundraising day was alive and well. We came together to collectively raise $51,367.62 for Rady Children's Hospital in just 24 hours! A huge accomplishment to kick off our countdown to our main event in February. Miracle Week was then closed out with an appreciation day focusing on gratitude for all of the hard work from our Dance Marathon family and our amazing donors for their contributions to the movement.

Miracle week was one to remember, and will continue to serve the Dance Marathon family as a week of strength, a week of hope, and a week of super cool kiddos. Thank you to everyone who helped create so many memories and miracles for both the families at Rady Children's Hospital and the Dance Marathon family at San Diego State University.


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