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Passion That Never Ends

I have had the privilege of being involved in Dance Marathon for all 4 of my years at San Diego State. My freshman year I started as a dancer with no idea what I was getting into. After taking in the magic for 15 hours I knew I had to get more involved, so I interviewed for the board and my passion for the kids has only grown since then.

This year I have been serving as the Director of Alumni Relations. I believe that once you experience the magic of Dance Marathon your life is changed forever, and you can never stop being for the kids. I wanted this position to be the person that reminds alumni of their love for the kids and keeps their passion alive. It has been such a cool experience to work with all the alumni. The people involved in DM are what drew me into this movement. Being supported by so many amazing and inspiring board members pushed me to continue fighting for the kids. These relationships will stick with me forever. And being Director of Alumni Relations gives me the opportunity to stay connected with wonderful people who inspired my passion in the first place.

Some of my main duties include reaching out to past board members to come to meetings to share where they are now. Reaching out to all the alumni and encouraging them to register and fundraise for event. Creating an alumni newsletter so they can stay up to date with everything DM at SDSU is doing.

I have a unique opportunity to see how Dance marathon has influenced their lives after graduation. The alumni inspire me every day to continue to work hard for the kids inside and outside of Dance marathon. They have taught me that this is so much more than a movement, it is about standing up for kids and being an advocate for them when they have no voice.

From our Director of Alumni Relations Maddie Meuter

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