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Rainbow Sandals x Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon at San Diego State University creates magic for the kids at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, California. The magic could not be made possible without the help and generous donations from our corporate sponsors. One of our biggest sponsors being Rainbow Sandals.

Rainbow Sandals is a company known for giving back to the community and we at Dance Marathon are so grateful for their donation and continued support. Their donation of over $10,000 is going to help create more miracles for the kids and families at Rady Children's Hospital. Rainbow Sandals is contributing to the magic Dance Marathon creates for the kiddos. A company that was able to give back 3% of their total revenue in 2020 to various organizations. This is just a testament to the charitable spirit of Rainbow Sandals and the impact they have on their community. The special experience Dance Marathon makes for the kids at Rady would not be possible without the support from Rainbow Sandals.

It is because of our corporate sponsors like Rainbow Sandals that we at Dance Marathon are able to continue to support the kiddos at Rady Children's Hospital. We are so thankful for the generous donation and are very proud to be supported by such a fantastic company. Thank you so much Rainbow Sandals for assisting us in our efforts to raise money for Rady Children’s Hospital and as a result, supporting the kiddos!

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