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  • What is DM at SDSU?
    DM at SDSU is the largest philanthropic organization on campus. We raise funds and awareness for Rady Children’s Hospital year-round. It culminates in an overnight Dance Marathon where we dance throughout the night, hear family stories, and celebrate our fundraising efforts. We conclude the marathon with a reveal of how much we raised throughout the year.
  • Who are you fundraising for?
    We fundraise for Rady Children's Hospital, our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital.
  • What leadership opportunities are there in DM?
    After each event, applications to join the DM at SDSU Executive Board are open to all students on campus. Throughout the year, these team members selflessly dedicate their time and efforts to making DM at SDSU as successful and impactful as possible. Those wanting to get more involved with DM at SDSU, but missed the Executive Board application can apply to be a part of one of our committees. Those that may not be able to commit the time to be a part of the leadership team should consider becoming a team captain!
  • When does the actual Dance Marathon take place?
    February 23rd and 24th, 2024
  • Are you a dancing club?
    No. We raise money for Rady Children's Hospital by partaking in an overnight Dance Marathon.
  • How long is your event?
    Our event is 18 hours! We fight to stay awake the whole time in order to represent the fight that the kids at Rady's face every day.
  • Where does my money go?
    All of your fundraising efforts go directly towards benefiting the kids and families at Rady’s. The funds are used in a variety of ways from patient services, research, care, education, equipment, and even advancement services!
  • Where is the Dance Marathon event?
    DM at SDSU is held annually in San Diego State’s Montezuma Hall, located on the second floor of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union.
  • How much money do I need to fundraise in order to participate?
    In order to participate and dance in the big event in February, you must fundraise a minimum of $123. This may seem like a daunting prospect, but fundraising is often easier than you think, especially when it’s for a great cause! Check out our fundraising page for tips on how to get started.
  • How do I raise money?
    Fundraising may turn out to be easier than you think. Many of our participants have had immense success creating Facebook and Instagram fundraisers, as well as emailing their families, friends and coworkers asking for donations. We also recommend utilizing any talents or hobbies that you have, for example, drawing a picture or playing a song for someone in exchange for a donation. Snapchat, texting, calling, instagram, emails, Facebook fundraisers! Creative ideas we've seen: face masks, jewelry, clothing sales online!
  • Can anyone get involved? What if I'm not part of a big organization?
    Anyone and everyone is welcome! Our goal is to have as many participants as possible, and if you aren’t involved in any organizations on campus we could be your first! Many of our participants aren’t members of Fraternity/Sorority Life or large student organizations, and you’re more than welcome to create a team with a couple of friends or fundraise as an individual. Participating in DM at SDSU gives you the chance to meet so many other amazing people and make new friends.
  • What is Rady Children’s Hospital?
    Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego is a 505-bed pediatric care facility providing the largest source of comprehensive pediatric medical services in San Diego, Southern Riverside and Imperial counties. Rady Children's is the only hospital in the San Diego area dedicated exclusively to pediatric healthcare and is the region's only designated pediatric trauma center. It treats children from birth to 18 years old as well as a small number of adults with certain conditions for which it has specialized services. Rady Children's is a nonprofit organization that relies on donations to support its mission. For more information, visit
  • What is Miracle Week?
    Miracle Week is our annual fall fundraising and awareness campaign to recruit new participants, educate our community and generate donations all within one week. Each day of Miracle Week is themed!
  • What are K-12 Programs?
    Dance Marathon isn’t just for colleges - elementary, middle, and high schools can also partner with DM at SDSU to support kids and families at Rady Children’s Hospital. K-12 Programs are shortened dance marathons hosted by local schools to raise money and awareness for Rady Children’s. They provide students an opportunity to expand their leadership skills, increase school philanthropy and give back to their communities. DM at SDSU is proud to partner with Lancerthon at Carlsbad High School and Vista High School. We are always looking to help new schools start their own K-12 Programs. For more information on Lancerthon or how to bring a dance marathon to your school, check out our page on K-12 Programs for more info.
  • Where can I buy official DM at SDSU apparel?
    DM at SDSU and other merchandise is available at our merchandise booth during the big event in February as well as at smaller events throughout the year, such as Miracle Week and our annual Aztec Night.

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