rady rockstar

Every year, a current or former Rady Children’s Hospital patient is selected to be the Dance Marathon at SDSU Leadership Team’s “Rady Rockstar.” The Rady Rockstar helps us out with all kinds of fun activities including picking one of the themes for our event, attending some Leadership Team meetings and DM at SDSU special events, and, the most important task of all, choosing the ice cream flavor when we all hang out. This very special kiddo is an integral part of our DM at SDSU family, and getting to know them is many Leadership Team members' favorite part of being on the planning side of the event. 

2020-2021 rady rockstar - meet reese!

Name: Reese

Age: 4

Diagnosis: Histiocytoid Cardiomyopathy

Family: Megan & Jay (parents), and Sydney (big sister)

Interests: Trolls, Disney princesses, the color purple, Hatchimals, Taylor Swift, swimming and dancing

We are so excited to welcome Reese, her parents and her sister Sydney as our 2020-2021 Rady Rockstar family!

Reese is one of less than 100 patients ever documented with histiocytoid cardiomyopathy, an extremely rare arrythmogenic cardiac disorder. Despite the medical challenges she's faced at such a young age, Reese is an outgoing, happy kid and we cannot wait to work with her and share her story this year! Learn more about Reese and her journey at Rady Children's Hospital here.

As our 2020-2021 Rady Rockstar, Reese will help us design merchandise, pick themes for our Dance Marathon event, show us how to dance like a kid, and much more! We can't wait for our donors, participants and DM at SDSU community to get to know and love her and her family as much as we do.





Age 4

Histiocytoid Cardiomyopathy




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