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team captains

about team captains

Every team that registers for DM at SDSU has a team captain. These special advocates For The Kids serve as the link between DM at SDSU as an organization and all of their team members. Team captains attend monthly meetings to gain the knowledge and resources to lead their teams to fundraise as much as possible For The Kids, and are an essential part of our movement.

get involved

There’s no application required to be a team captain, and any group can start a team -- all you have to do is register! 

While only one person is able to start the team on Donor Drive and have the label of team captain next to their name, multiple people can serve in this role. Please reach out to our Participant Relations Team if you have a co-team captain so we can make sure each person is looped in on all essential team captain information.

team captain resources

contact us

Grace Johnson, Director of Participant Relations -

Maya Elden, Director of Participant Relations -

Nina Go, Vice President of External affairs -

Malia Preisendorf, Executive Director -

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