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Miracle Week 2023

What an incredible week of educating, inspiring, and fundraising on the San Diego State University campus. October 2 - 6, we had the pleasure of spreading the Dance Marathon movement to everyone on campus. Each day, we had a goal to achieve, ultimately leading us to our fundraising goal for the week.

Monday was our education day - all about spreading the message on what Dance Marathon is specifically and what all the money goes to at Rady Children’s Hospital!

Tuesday was our registration day, where we spent all day encouraging members of the SDSU community to personally become a part of the movement. The executive board helped those who needed it register and encouraged other organizations to get involved.

Wednesday was our inspiration day. All day, we encouraged people to share why they are a part of this movement and what makes us want to help change pediatric health. We all shared our “why” throughout the day and ended with our fourth annual Light of Hope ceremony that night. During the ceremony, we connected with participants through crafts, snacks, and games, all followed by a couple of family stories. The Light of Hope ceremony is always special because you get to hear about families we have helped in the past and feel more connected to the children and families at Rady Children’s Hospital now.

Thursday was a big day - it was our first push day with all our newly registered participants. There were many creative fundraisers, from clothes sales to selling canvases, embarrassing yourself on Instagram, raffles, and much more. On campus, we also held a pieing event, where member’s friends got to pie them to raise money. All the hard work throughout the day led to a big reveal at 11:59 that night. With every participant's hard work, we were able to raise $52,130.14!

We ended the week on Friday with our appreciation day. This day was about thanking your donors and showing gratitude for their donations to such an important cause. Nothing would have been possible without all the participants willing to join Dance Marathon and their gracious donors. This is only the beginning of the 2023-2024 year, let's see where we can go from here!

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